Top 10 electrolyte drinks for you

Electrolytes play an important role in helping the body gain energy to perform various functions. These are components that produce a natural negative or positive charge when dissolved in water, and they help fight dehydration, ensure nutrient absorption by cells, and regulate the body’s chemical reactions, among other things. Consisting mostly of water, sodium, potassium, and sugar, many electrolyte drinks are available in the market. But it’s quite easy to prepare such beverages at home.

In general, salt and sugar solution is known to be the most popular when it comes to homemade electrolyte solutions. Sometimes lemon juice can be added to this to enhance the nutrient content. Electrolytes are especially needed when excessive diarrhea or vomiting which takes out the fluid content of the body. Excess of dehydration can cause bleeding of the nose and hence, the colossal need for convenient electrolytic solutions is felt.

Electrolytic drinks are known to be of utmost importance when it comes to sports and athletics. As this is known to involve excessive sweating, electrolytic solutions are a must. But another very important aspect to be kept in mind is the proper ratio of electrolytic ingredients that are to be mixed while preparing electrolyte drinks. The proportion of electrolytic components can only give us a suitable electrolyte drink that can serve our purpose. The main aim of electrolyte drinks is known to be ‘rehydration’. Rehydrating the body provides us with immense energy and the capacity to work is accelerated as well.

List of top 10 electrolyte drinks

  • Coconut water: It is known to be one of the best electrolyte drinks that can rehydrate, recharge the body naturally. This is also known to have a greater control on our body temperature and acts as a thermoregulatory drink at times. This does not have added preservatives and is completely natural hence, very safe to be consumed in liberal quantities. 
  • Green tea: It is considered to be a good sort of electrolyte drink and hence, having green tea or other herbal tea can be useful for rehydration. 
  • Fruit juice: Grape juice, apple juice, lemon juice, pineapple juice etc. can be considered as excellent rehydrating drinks as these juices provide us with extreme refreshment and power and boost up energy level as well. These are natural ways to enhance our energy level when we are tired enough. Easily available home remedies like these are always preferred. 
  • Glucose water: It is another important electrolyte drink that can be consumed in quite liberal amounts as no such harms or side effects are known. This is generally carried by people on hot summer days to get rehydrated under the effects of the scorching sun and also used by athletes as well. 
  • Ginger water: This is known to be another quite effective remedy for dehydration complications and hence, having ginger juice in a glass of lukewarm water can really help booting energy levels and is quire refreshing as well. 
  • ORS: This is the drink that is available commercially and is quite common in the market. A packet full of ORS in a litre of water is quite helpful especially during diarrhea when dehydration complications are very common.
  • Honey in lukewarm water: This is also known to be another effective remedy. The sweetness of honey is known to contain enough amounts of glucose and hence, the body gets charged with electrons. This is easy to be prepared at home and hence, is one of the best natural remedies. 
  • Cucumber juice: It is known to be quite effective for rehydration. This drink is known to be the best for summers as these are extremely efficient as cooling agents that regulates body temperature and is quite refreshing as well. 
  • Barley water: It is commonly used by people of poor economic condition as the cost for preparing this drink is known to be quite lower compared to other such electrolyte drinks. This is another effective remedy for dehydration. 
  • Juices prepared with mint: Such juices can also serve the purpose as mint can work as a cooling agent. These drinks are known to be quite refreshing especially in summer days and for sports persons as well.

Other cooling agents, such as aloe vera can be used to make electrolyte drinks when the extracts are mixed with solvents, such as plain water. Other commercially available electrolyte drinks can also be helpful but instructions are to be followed regarding the usage and dosage of such drinks.

Electrolyte drinks are of utmost importance when it comes to rehydration and rejuvenation of the body. The electron balance of the body needs to be maintained, otherwise, common complications such as bleeding from the nose can arise. Dehydration can also cause muscle cramping and dryness of nerves as well. Hence, recharging the body with one of the top 10 electrolyte drinks is imperative.